• 5 Inspirational Tales That Show How Wonder Can Be More Than Skin Deep

    Whether it’s a continuing yoga practice or a regular blowout at the salon, most of us have ways of adding a little self-good care into our schedules.

    But also for some, self-care is approximately a lot more when compared to a temporary hurry or a person benefit. Beauty rituals can be acts of caring for another person and creating a network - something certainly needed right now.

    Take a look at these inspirational beauty testimonies and see how somewhat of beauty can make a real impact.

  • Best Makeup Bloggers & Vloggers To Shake Up Your Feed

    They are our favourite natural beauty bloggers (& vloggers) who use their platforms for a lot more than just makeup.

    Consuming copious levels of content by wonder bloggers (and their vlogs) is a national overdue - it really is, at least, for all of us at Makeup Madeover.

    But beyond the large follower counts and flawless faces, we’ve noticed that make-up influencers are needs to share much extra than just the best contour palette. They’re using their platform to market real problems and we are below for it.

    From normalizing diversity to critiquing our love-hate-love romantic relationship with everything beauty, we wanted to highlight a few of our fave bloggers and vloggers. They’re definitely worth a wrist watch, follow, and subscribe!

  • The Untold Superpowers Dark Brown People Possess Because Of Melanin

    The Energy Of Melanin And What A Lot Of People Don’t Know

    Version Khoudia Diop, “The Melanin Goddess,” knows the power of melanin. With an effective career chock-complete of jaw-dropping photographs to be proud of - she’s also among the many persons of color who can relish in the remarkable health advantages of melanin, the biomolecule that gives skin, hair and eye their color. Yes, we all know dark skin is most beneficial known for its hallmark baby-smoothness and dewy radiance that apparently last forever (seeking at you, Jenifer Lewis!!!), but what else can melanin carry out for you personally? Here’s what we discovered.

  • 7 Gray Hair Stories That Will Help You Figure Out How To Proceed With Yours

    Every time a gray hair pops up on my crown, I lose my shit.

    Okay, I’m not that dramatic, but I am a good serial plucker. With just a few apparent gray stubs occasionally, this process is manageable for now but not sustainable. And I’m not too enthusiastic about spending the rest of my entire life coloring my roots.

    What does one conduct when gray hairs creep in, and finally take over?

    Lots of folks have complicated human relationships with graying and aging in general. Some wear it such as a badge of honor (which is fantastic!) plus some might consider prioritizing their monthly wild hair appointment over emergency oral surgery, that i totally understand, too.

  • Beautycon Takeways 6 Unexpected Lessons We Learned

    “Erase everything you thought you knew about this generation or perhaps their approach to beauty. Natural beauty is no longer simply a part of culture. Natural beauty now defines culture.”

    Beauty conventions usually are about free swag, celebrity sightings, and trendspotting. But at Beautycon LA, we had been shocked to find something else - a revolutionary spirit.

    Beautycon was a lot more compared to the latest lipstick start. We hung out with persons from literally every backdrop and walk of life, whether it was the woman who wore her day-to-day makeup, the person who went full-on “Kardashian,” the grandma with sky-large faux lashes, or the 8-year-old protected in glitter - all united in shared kindness, respect, and love.