They are our favourite natural beauty bloggers (& vloggers) who use their platforms for a lot more than just makeup.

Consuming copious levels of content by wonder bloggers (and their vlogs) is a national overdue - it really is, at least, for all of us at Makeup Madeover.

But beyond the large follower counts and flawless faces, we’ve noticed that make-up influencers are needs to share much extra than just the best contour palette. They’re using their platform to market real problems and we are below for it.

From normalizing diversity to critiquing our love-hate-love romantic relationship with everything beauty, we wanted to highlight a few of our fave bloggers and vloggers. They’re definitely worth a wrist watch, follow, and subscribe!

Nyma Tang

Now that every makeup company beneath the sun is wanting to up their color count, Nyma Tang is here now to have them to process. On her vlog “The Darkest Color,” she regularly checks the darkest available colours by various beauty makes to see

Although quite often successful, she experiences disappointment in many ways. It’s cathartic for anybody with darker complexions, particularly when products touting “every” color fall incredibly short.

“It could be really disheartening to persons never to be included, to not be considered,” she says, via Wager. “It could make you feel just like there’s something amiss with you. There’s little or nothing incorrect with you. The beauty industry has some function to do.”

Her vlogs are of help because she leaves the building blocks on for extended periods of time before reporting back, giving the viewer a feeling of if the coverage does indeed last. She also exams crease lines and transfer resistance.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen makes a dynamic, breezy style look convenient with her wistful, jaunty grid. However when it involves cystic acne she helps to keep it real.

Earlier this season, she posted a picture of herself sporting everyone’s least beloved seasonal accessory - a huge pimple.

“Personally, I’ve grown to dislike the terms ‘good’ and ‘bad’ skin because they include dangerous consequences,” she wrote in her Insta post. “For those who have ‘good’ epidermis you are feeling the pressure to maintain this perceived degree of perfection and any blemish, wrinkle or scar is definitely felt as an individual failure.”

She’s not any stranger to being candid online. From developing to fighting for social justice as a U.N. ambassador, she’s focused her life to progressive transformation and normalizing differences, causeing this to be vlogger a brilliant substantive addition to your Insta scroll.

Shalom Blac

This past June, Shalom Blac taped a vlog within a #FACINGMYFEARS series and it went viral. In it, she has her crush remove her wig and cosmetic - meaning a real first start looking at skin surface damage from an oil crash she survived as a kid.

Shalom is certainly zero stranger to virality. Her inspiring, charming, and informative videos have garnered huge views since at least 2015. But she’s lately made a tonal switch from that of corrective cosmetic or concealment tactics to that of building self-appreciate and celebrating individuality.

“It isn’t something you gain overnight, confidence is a thing that you work on,” she says found in her video.

Stephanie Villa

Also referred to as Soothing Sista, Stephanie Villa’s looks are sharper than knives - most clean lines, bold colors, and classic punk styles.

Her ongoing series “THE NICE, The Negative, and The Trendy” (GBT) is a wonderful place to commence to get a perception of her unique perspective. In it, she attempts strange-but-true beauty developments to find if they’re well worth the hype.

Her blogging and vlogging are rooted found in empowerment, individualism, and thriftiness - she’s an expert at acquiring treasures at her localized second-hand stores. Her design inspiration will certainly move you to accomplish the same!

Deepica Mutyala

You will find fans of Deepica depends upon over, especially after her extremely useful tutorial about masking under-eyesight circles went viral in 2015.

This Indian-American YouTuber has over 200k subscribers who listen in to get her vlogs about cosmetic for brown girls.

She’s as well the founder of the collective Tinted, where girls of color (“tinsperts”) deal with topics at the intersection of magnificence and darker pores and skin tones. It also features a reservoir of beauty recommendations that provide a curated catalogue of tinspert-approved products.

Catherine Martinez

This Latina beauty blogger isn’t only talented in her style skills but she does so in fairly underrepresented language in the wonder world - sign language.

Mostly active in Instagram, she was inspired to create sign language tutorials by simply a deaf classmate at NYU, where she just lately earned a degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders.

“It just occurred to me that when you watch media in general, sometimes [there’s] not a lot of communicative resources according to where in fact the person is or perhaps what channels they could view,” she told Elle found in a recent feature.

Her charming and comforting presence is something anyone may appreciate, especially when she tackles topics like nighttime cleansing routines or fake eyelash applications.

And she’s not stopping there. Some of her more recent videos also feature Spanish subtitles, widening her accessibility reach.

Bretman Rock Tompkins

His style is just a little lower development value, but that’s the appeal of it. He’s a truly fierce make-up guru who retains it real rather than forgets his roots.

From unboxing vids to emotional confessionals, this Hawaiian-based beauty blogger has something for everybody in his consistently energetic and informative opinions. His promise to fame is normally a vlog with a reasonably common “how exactly to contour” theme, which coupled with his magnetic persona initially boosted his followers into the millions (check out it - we dare you not to laugh).

But blender beware: he isn’t afraid of the vulgar and the crude - and actually, that’s what his admirers look forward to.

“I think it’s a very welcoming generation and I believe it’s a non-judgmental generation and I feel that using the profanity and products just kind of shows up along with that welcoming era,” he told KITV.

Jackie Aina

Hilarious, bubbly, and a great deal of fun, Jackie is excellent if you’re the kinda person who’s into dancing while pregaming.

She’s super ingredient-knowledgeable and provides you an in-depth knowledge of the merchandise she recommends. And she’s not afraid of going beyond the box when it comes to application (she’s filled with “pro ideas” that’ll make friends and family jealous).

Her presentation can go on a few tangents - such as discussing her nails or building social commentary - but she always brings it back to the theme of her video lessons quickly. You’ll take pleasure in the journey she takes you on.

Mathu Thurai

This Sri Lankan-Canadian beauty blogger is focused on dramatic lewks while still becoming approachable as hell. She features her family group in a huge amount of her vids, from mercilessly pranking her sister to receiving her dad to use her makeup (essential watch).

But it’s not all fun and funny games - she provides great guidelines to getting trendy appears with popular items (esp on her Insta), and traditional looks predicated on her culture.

Named as you of Elle’s magnificence bloggers to view in 2018, you better hit follow prior to she blows up to help you say that you recognized her before she gets famous (though with 65k+ Insta supporters, some would say she’s already doing just that).

Miranda Mendelson

An up-and-approaching blogger we’re worked up about, this latina beauty blogger specializes in shame-free beauty.

She first caught our eyes with her tutorial about face shaming that was as useful since it was completely absent of any judgement whatsoever. It’s a theme we love to inspire at Makeup Madeover.

Named “Most Buzzworthy” simply by Allure, her “Slashed Natural beauty” blog is focused on functional magic - AKA beauty about a budget. It’s an excellent place to learn about fringe items (WTF is normally Ibotta?) and whether they’re really worth the price tag.