Guides for Colorful Eating with Pearl Pigment Powder

Have you ever paid special attention to the color of the food you eat? Most people will falter before swallowing the food dyed multicolored for the reason that bright colors always hint various, even excessive harmful chemical substances with no security permission. Some of these fears are understandable. But it doesn’t seem right to sacrifice our aesthetic pleasure to return to the conservative idea about food. It will be an impending doom for most of the excellent chefs and gourmets.

However, in recent years pearl pigment powder has entered the food industry, following its previous domination over cosmetic products and decorative products. It is a great boon for the foodies and gourmets who coveted eye-catching and scrumptious food all along.
Nevertheless, it is not easy to distinguish the high-quality edible pearl pigment powder from the inferior ones. And this article is going to offer you some tips on selecting the premium edible pearl pigment.


It will be silly to praise the beauty of something you eat before guaranteeing its security. The edible pearl pigment powder must source their ingredients from the professional company which has been compliant with GMP standards, a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. What’s more, the heavy metal content, microbial and physical parameters of the pearl pigment powder must be in full compliance with current regulations. In addition, for the products oriented to the overseas market, it would be highly trustworthy if the edible pearl pigment powder has been assessed and certified by Kosher and Halal Food, a reliable third-party certificate authority.

Pigment property

The desirable edible pearl pigment consists of superior natural mica substrate along with different coating layers. Pearl pigments of fine particle size can generate a high cover rate, the ones of large particle size will give the customers the sparkling luster, and the ones of medium-sized can produce the uniform Pearl luster and at once keep the good cover rate. Meanwhile, they have an excellent effect in refractive index, reflection, transmission of light. While being used alone or combined with other colorants, the pearl pigment will definitely entice the customers, bringing an unmatched feast of vision and gustation.

Color stability and application

From silver white, gold, and interference effects to red and bronze hues – the colors of the desirable edible pearl pigment have excellent stability and can be perfectly combined with other colorings. The application possibilities are virtually endless: delicate chocolates, chewing gum, delicious ice cream, beverages, tablets, and iridescent capsules etc.

As known to all, food production has been set a very strict standard among different countries and regions, from the examination of raw material, production environment, production technology to quality control. Among all the manufacturers who produce edible pearl pigment, Yortay from China, focused on R&D, production, sale, and service altogether, enjoys a high reputation for its R&D technical team and high-quality service. It now has more than 600 kinds of pearl colors and pearl pigment of different kinds like silver white pigment and interference pigments

With the bright colors that mirror fascinating brilliance and affluence, the pearl pigment shows high potential in the food industry. Just add a little bit of powder, a more colorful world is within reach.